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[ There's really no easy way to ask this, is there? ]

So, uh...

Where is everypony?

I mean, it looks like nopony's even using these journals any more. What's the point in an amazing, magical journal if nopony uses it?

[ Also, she might just be complaining because she can read the journal, but not books. THIS JOURNAL IS NOW HER NEW FAVORITE PASSTIME. SO SOMEPONY USE IT ALREADY! ]
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Who: [livejournal.com profile] furriendly, [livejournal.com profile] hipstertastic and you!
What: Following this discussion, drunk Eridan and Nepeta are now wandering the castle spreading love and tolerance to everyone they come across.
When: Sunday, January 1st
Where: Pretty much anywhere in the castle.


Jan. 8th, 2012 02:30 am
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[He isn't sure if this'll even work, but he'll throw up a filter anyway and see if it actually gets any responses.]

Filtered to people who appeared here, after having died )

open log;

Jan. 7th, 2012 11:13 pm
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Who: [livejournal.com profile] fastest & YOU
What: Someone's gotten a little bored with hiding out.
When: Saturday, January 7th
Where: Anywhere between the castle's 5th floor and the roof.
Rating: PG for now (TOY HELICOPTER...)

A teenage boy who really loved sporty gadgets just as much as the next one. )
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For those that many not know me my name is Helen Magnus, I'm one of the doctors at the clinic. Although there should always be someone in the clinic, in cases where there isn't - or if there is a problem that makes that situation impossible, I though it prudent to list those that staff the clinic so that you would know who to ask for.

[ And she writes the list: ]
Helen Magnus: xenobiology, teratology, cryptozoology, human medicine
Gregory House: diagnostic medicine, nephrology, infectious diseases
James Watson: xenobiology, teratrology, cryptozoology, human medicine
Tear Grants: first aid, healing
Anders: healing
Yamanaka Ino: surgery
Hesam: paramedic
Duke Pantarei: battlefield medicine (animals & non-humans)
Robert Chase: diagnostic medicine, cardiology, surgery
Rory Williams: nursing
John Watson: surgery, general (human) medicine
Carson Beckett: surgery, general (human) medicine, experimental medicine, genetics
Peter Petrelli: paramedic
Allen Walker: first aid
If you do happen to have any problems with the clinic [ Or its staff. House, she's keeping an eye on you ] please don't hesitate to bring them up.

Thank you.

[ James Watson ]
Are you busy?

[ ooc; backdated to yesterday. if you don't want your character in the list let me know & I'll take it out. I got it from this list ]
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[Yuan and the Peace Patrol]

Hello, and I will get right to the point: I would like to know what's become of the prisoners who were inadvertently freed while we were in Paris. Did they reappear imprisoned in the Dead Zone, or are they still free?

If so, then it goes without saying that we will need to mount some sort of re-arresting effort. I would be willing to help recapture any of them except Legato, who would probably just kill me again.


If it's all right with you, I'd like to resume my training as soon as possible. I was working with Altaïr before, but as you are his descendant and equally heavily armed I think it's safe to guess that you are at least almost as awesome. In any case I've been letting it go for way too long and I'll need to be in fit fighting shape if I want to do any substantial work in the Dead Zone. What do you say?
P.S. I might bring my moirail along too if that's ok.


Hey. Do you want to come with me to practice? You don't have to join in if you don't want, but I think you'd probably like it.
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[There's a clunking sound over the journals, one attributed to someone wearing some heavy-duty armour picking themselves up from the ground.

This time, it belongs to one Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052, waking up in his room in the castle...

And wondering how the hell he got there.]

... Ugh. Where the hell am I?

[A pause, and then the following filters out]

This is Noble Five, calling on all UNSC frequencies. Requesting pickup. Current location... [He looks around] Unknown. Looks to be... [Another pause] Some sort of fancy hotel room. Repeat, requesting pickup, over.

[His journal is open nearby, and any UNSC personnel who happen to have their radios on will hear the transmission.]

((OOC: Open to all. Be ready to have one confused Supersoldier.))

♅ first

Jan. 5th, 2012 11:32 pm
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[When the decidedly authoritative voice rings out over the journal, it’s clear that the woman who possesses it isn’t messing around.]

Greetings, citizenry of this castle. As your new Mistress, I will require all women of buxom figure to report to the lobby. We’ll need to do fittings for your uniforms. Fit men will also require uniforms. Please wash your cocks appropriately before presenting yourselves.

All others, your tributes are due to me in exactly one week. And do try to ensure that they’re not complete shit!

Also, if anyone would like to learn magic, I’ll be looking for a new Apprentice, as mine is nowhere to be found.

[Mistress, mostly naked as usual, will be busy wishing up a massive throne and harassing everyone in the lobby.]

[ OOC: Please please use this permissions post! I really don't want to offend or upset anyone, or cross any lines I shouldn't! But I can only know if you tell me what's okay and what's not! Thank you! ]
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[Peeta sinks his knife into Brutus' chest again. He was sitting next to the body, driving the knife in over and over. He closes his eyes for a moment, sickened by the act. When he opens his eyes, he lets out a gasp. Had the arena changed? Was this even Panem? Brutus' body is gone, but Peeta still holds the bloody knife.]


[Peeta crawls backward desperately until his back hits a tree. He lets out a yelp, then holds his knife up threateningly at whatever or whomever might show up.]


[ooc: Open in person or over the journals! Just expect him to be a bit hysterical.

Also, some things you may notice about Peeta: he has an artificial leg, his skin is kind of a gray-green because of the ointment he used for blisters, he's a bit weak, there may be remnants of a flower drawn on his cheek with blood, and his hands and knife are covered in blood. Headcanoned that Finnick gave him a knife since Beetee took his asfdsafdagkjdk
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[Hermione is sitting outside doing a star chart. She seems to be very into her work when a cat waddles up to her. It has a present for her!]

Oh! Crookshanks! What's that in your mouth, hm? ... It's a S.P.E.W badge! Wherever did you get that?

[she laughs and cradles the badge in her hand. It's been a long time since she's seen it, and it brings back good memories]
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New Year. It's what they called it before it went away, noted on January first. It changed many times, the year didn't used to be like this. The orbital period never changes but they changed the calendar.

It's different on other worlds. Orbital periods are longer, shorter. Different customs.

Persephone's is 121 days. It orbits Lux, the protostar of the White Sun system. It's hotter than Earth's sun.

New Year isn't the same.
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Hello, citizens of Paradise!

[ Lucrezia has figured out how to use the journals for recording her own voice, much amused by the magical writing. ]

I have little knowledge of new inventions--yet I am curious about the inner workings of this instrument, the one through which I am speaking to you. It seems close enough to a miracle yet it is a human invention, is it not? Much like the pipes and the cars?

I would dissect it myself if I am sure I can remember where all the pieces fit.
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[When you're an immortal smoke monster whose human form isn't exactly physical, sleeping isn't something you do regularly, if at all. Which is why it's very surprising when the man in black finds himself waking up at a desk in a conference room, unsure of how he got there in the first place. And he's wearing a really expensive-looking suit.]

What the...? What's going on?

[And then a man comes in, beaming like nothing else and holding some sort of file and speaking French.]

Monsieur Smoke! I finally managed to procure the file you requested on the Descoteaux case that is coming up.

[The man in black just boggles at him. It's not that he doesn't understand French at all- he does, thanks to the French group who was on the island many years ago- it's because he has no idea what is going on. He replies hesitantly in French:]

...That's not my name.

[A laugh from the man.] Of course it is! Look, it says so on the door.

[And sure enough, it says "Smoke, Tremblay & Merle, LLP". It's a law firm. He's the head of a law firm now. What in the world...?]

[Ignoring the man, he turns to the journal in front of him and speaks in English, sounding like he's rather in disbelief.]

Does this...happen often? Last time I checked, I was outside the castle...

[ooc: Annnd another backdated post because I was gone during Paris plot. I guess this thing is open for kissing? If you want to kiss the guy who is a homicidal smoke monster back home?? Whatever floats your boat. :I]
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[there's a hum before Dainn speaks.]

Indulge me Paradisa...do the events here repeat themselves? Aside from that wonderful one from Christmas, which I have gathered it always does. Also, has a Loss ever changed for someone?

[the journal is closed but it manages to catch Dainn muttering to himself.]

Ah, before I forget...

[meaning that if your names are Emil, Zelman and Grimorie Weiss, you're getting a late Christmas present from the creeper shadow. though he may have "forgotten" to sign the card on yours Weiss...oops.]
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"Fix the electrical systems like a good little person" they said. More like "here, let us take your dignity and kick it out of the window by making you work like some dimwitted plebian."

[Well well well, Paradisa. Thought you got this guy out of your hair? TOO BAD. He is back and out of prison thanks to the world change, but even though he's now able to run about and not stay in one place like usual, there's something that's really getting on his nerves.]

[The fact that he's now an electrician.]

Sure, sure, I can fix it. Why don't I throw in a few trip wires for good measure or short out the heater while I'm at it? Really, they deserve it for talking down to me. I wasn't made for doing this. I'm an inventor and an engineer. I should be having a high class laboratory. But nooooo, they made me a stupid employee of the electric company.


I can't even take a break to try some of the wines around the city...thanks a lot, Paradisa. You're really a ton of fun.

[And he'll just continue mumbling complaints under his breath as he goes around the city, fixing electrical systems with the enthusiasm of a clam.]

[ooc; Open for kissing like nothing else! Feel free to run into him in the city as he goes around doing his work. Sorry this is so late- I just got back from hiatus and missed the paris plot so this is backdated like whoah. >>]

Thirty Five

Jan. 4th, 2012 02:17 pm
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Clinic Filter )

[ He pulls at the restraints on his wrists to test their hold and his own strength, wondering if he could just rip himself free, and it's then that he catches sight of his journal lying open on the bedstand.]



[[ooc: Loss officially over and De-Canonpump officially official!]]
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I'm sorry if this comes off as a... strange question. But this place takes something from you when you arrive, right? What... kind of things does it take? While playing a game earlier I was having some problems with my coordination but I don't feel sick otherwise, and if it's due to this castle I'd rather know NOW then later.

...also, video games are oddly addictive. I think I'll have to try them again.
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[Sitting on a bench outside in the snow, Len is bent over the journal the twins share, furiously scribbling away in it.]

So far since coming here, we've only met a few people, and most of them have thought we're weird.  I don't really blame them.  I think I'd be afraid of us if I didn't know us already.

[Rin, on the other hand, is busying herself by alternating between sprinkling snow in her brother's hair and reading what he's writing.  At this last addition, she snorts and speaks up.]

Don't be so down!  I think we've met some pretty weird people besides us, too.  Everybody here is kinda weird.  This whole place is kinda weird!

[Len scowls at her, but she ignores him and shouts into the journal before he can stop her, instead.]

Hey!  What do kids our age do around here?  There's lots of stuff for adults, but what about kids?  We're twelve and we used to be in a circus!

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